Bathrooms by Unique now supply the V-Care Toilet!

We offer the new shower toilet otherwise known as the V-Care. The new VitrA design incorporates all of the features of a toilet with the cleaning properties of a bidet. With a dedicated remote control, you will be able to control the toilet with a touch of the button.

Toilet From V CareLuxurious comfort

Have you ever used a toilet with heated seats and air purifications systems? The future in toilets has arrived equipped with hands-free technology. This W.C is wall-hung and has a rimless (RimEX) bowl which makes it hygienic and easy to keep clean. The toilet is suitable for all including less-abled, those with limited movement, both genders, pregnant women and people who suffer from skin complaints.

After you have used the toilet, there is a cleaning function which heightens the sense of cleanliness and wellbeing which is the norm in Asia. You can adjust the temperature of the water and dryer with options to control the jet nozzle and its intensity. With no visible pipes or a bulky seat, the toilet will fit seamlessly into your bathroom.


  • Adjustable spray
  • Water temperature
  • Seat opening
  • Seat closing
  • Drying options
  • Integrated spray nozzle has gender specific natural washing alternatives
  • Effortless cleaning and hygienic design

Should there be a power cut in your property, you can use the toilet like normal but you will have to manually open and close the seat. All functions such as water streaming, heating and air purification will stop immediately.

This toilet has been tested for safety and conforms to CE standards.


Click here to view the V-Care toilet in action.

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