Bathroom Decorating

Bathroom decorating ideas

Bathroom decorating ideas

The bathroom facilitates many of our domestic needs, which is why it’s considered one of the primary rooms in the home.

This is also be the reason why we spend such a vast amount of time in this living space.

As much as 1 and a half years in our lifetime to be exact – 6 months of this including our time spent in the shower or bath alone!

In fact,  43% of people find the bathroom the perfect place to escape and find time to themselves*.

This is why making it as luxurious as  you can is oh-so important.

Revamp your bathroom

Bigger the better

If you’ve plenty of room then utilise it to its fullest. Use every inch of space to create the most comfortable environment  you can.

For example, if you’re able to install those double basin or ‘His and Her’ sinks then definitely do so.

Not only are these a notable fashion statement, but are a sure fire way to draw in future buyers.

Compact solutions such as these also afford you more room to add lavish fixtures and fittings.

Contemporary takes on the claw-foot tub can add the additional panache you crave, personifying a spacious feel even further.

Both the Victoria & Albert Deauville or the Adamsez Urbana are just some of the more elegant solutions available. Perhaps a bath for two with taps in the middle will be more your style.

Of course, legroom isn’t a luxury we can all afford. However, for those of you with inferior sized habitats, don’t despair –  there are still ways to maximise even the smallest bathroom.

Make the most of space

An ‘all white’ style is the usual trick deployed to create an illusion of an expansive space. But this blank canvas approach can leave your bathroom looking washed out.

If it’s serenity that you’re going for then this look might just work.

However, there are other ways to achieve our remit of fashioning the perfect sanctuary.

Flat heated radiators and a tall storage cabinets are a chic response to layout. Such fittings provide a lot of flexibility, especially when considering modular wall hung solutions.

Coordinating accents is also a great way of creating an immaculate look. For example, why not match a cabinets chrome frame to the bathrooms outlet covers and taps.

This all might sound like a case of smoke and mirrors… but it’s more a case of lights and mirrors.

Bright lighting matched this with large wall hung mirrors can max out the luminosity in your bathroom. Such brilliance will make a smaller room seem far more inviting.

Perhaps one of the oldest tricks in the book, but it works!